Quality European Meats Made in Kimberley BC

Fresh Small Batches – We believe that fresh is best – we make new batches as often as once a week.

Pure Meat – We don’t use fillers such as breadcrumbs or gluten additives.

Natural Spices – We select, roast and grind our own spices – no ready mixes. We absolutely do not use msg (monosodium glutamate).

European Recipes – Hungarian, Italian, Spanish, German, Swiss. Ask us for your favourites from back home and if we can, we’ll make it for you.

Products are given “Time” – like a good wine, we naturally age our meats. For example:

  • Bone in, Parma Style Italian Prosciutto – Twelve months
  • Tyrolean Prosciutto – Six to nine months
  • Salamis  – four to six weeks

Real honey, real maple syrup – not artificial flavouring and sweeteners.

NEW:  We are now offering our own naturally raised beef from our herd of Texas Longhorns.  Available seasonally.  Call for Prices & availability.

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Naturally Smoked Meats, butcher Kimberley BC


We smoke our meats naturally without preservatives or chemicals.